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Sunday, August 3, 2008

We're diving "All West" in Curacao

A couple of months ago, I complained in this blog post about not having any scuba diving trips planned for the rest of the year. At that time, I posted some diving specials, including a "Buddy Weeks" offer in Curacao.

Funny how things work out. Since then, we have booked that very offer, and will find ourselves in Curacao in September to (hopefully) witness the coral spawning. We're staying at All West Apartments on the "all west" side of the island—which is the quieter side and has all the best dive sites. And the "Buddy Weeks" offer turned out to be even better than advertised, pretty much impossible to turn down.

We found it very hard to choose between the bare-bones bargain All West Apartments and the luxurious eco-lodge Kura Hulanda, both in Westpunt. We wanted to spoil ourselves, but we also wanted to save money. I want to acknowledge the friendliness of Bea and Andreas at All West, who put up with countless emailed questions and helped two indecisive people come to a decision. It may seem odd to compliment the staff of a lodging establishment before we even stay there, but based on the limitless patience of Bea and Andreas, I know we're going to have a fantastic time.

Here's what our view will be as of September 13 (I've already printed this photo and posted it above my computer at work):


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