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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The airlines are drinking like sailors

I've been beating this term into you, so chime in: What is 2008? That's right, it's the "Year of the Fees." The airlines have faced some pretty major challenges with high fuel costs and a bad economy, but they've done a fantastic job of passing on those costs to us travelers. A story today reports that Continental expects to bring in $100 million from its new $15 fee for a traveler's first checked bag alone. The airline is seeing fewer people fly, but is making a lot more off those that are.

So what happens when fuel costs fall and the economy improves? Do you honestly think these fees will go away? Hell, no. The airlines are drinking like sailors when it comes to the sudden revenue from the many different new fees. They're drooling over the balance sheets and the projected numbers. No, you might as well try to take the crack pipe from the addict.



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